How you can help as a tourism professional

In your capacity as an intermediary you can play a key role: you can raise travellers’ awareness of the issues and encourage them to demonstrate moral courage.

Tell people about the reporting form

Inform your customers about the reporting form of the Federal Office of Police fedpol.

Hand out informational flyers

Our free German-, French-, Italian- and English-language flyers offer a means for you to provide even more comprehensive information to your customers: whether you hand them out when your customers first consult you, enclose it with travel documents sent by post or attach it to an e-mail.

Order form

If your offerings include volunteer placements...

… be aware that volunteer placements in orphanages or hospitals entail risks for the children and young people at those facilities: they are highly vulnerable and far too easily exploited sexually. Anywhere that volunteers have unsupervised, direct contact with children (including, for instance, the home-stay context) is associated with an increased risk of sexual exploitation. It is imperative not to discount the risk of paedo-sexual offenders gaining access to children. It is vital therefore that travel agencies and organisations scrutinize the intentions, reputation and criminal record of the volunteers prior to their departure.

You will find further information on child protection and tourism on the website of Kinderschutz Schweiz (in german, french or italian only).